Interview with author Oliver Frances

One of our Holiday Café readers/followers has published a book… here is a brief interview with Oliver Frances. His book can be found on

Oliver Frances begins to write on his teens. His first short story was an epic one, inspired in chivalric romance books. As time went by, his themes are based on emotions, conveyed on Summer Love; and from the experience derived of his travels, and political and social issues being one background for all unfolding drama in the stories featured in Century’s Endings. Surprisingly, Oliver went on to romance publishing short stories that are part of the series of Heart & Souls, though. All the stories of Heart weren’t appreciated by the readers, despite having great editorial reviews from severe critics. The fact lingers of that Frances, as one reader writes, have written stories that differ so much from contemporary American literature. Hence, the reader loves or hates them, unfortunately there is no in between. Anyhow, this didn’t refrain Oliver from releasing Heart II. In his latest works, is evidenced a change about themes. Now, his stories convey drama but through spiritual experiences that confront the reader with beliefs and daily issues.

Oliver, why has there been a change in your topics?

I have just written different themes because they mirror different stages of my life. In fact, I did as a painter that goes through different stages of his art. Now, I write about spiritual realization, which in my opinion is the primary aim of life.

Read the full interview on:


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