a Look… a Story

I feel that the common element of this little summary has been photography, in all my activities was present, either from “casual” way or professionally. I never formally studied photography; I have never exhibited my work.

What I timthumb (2)show below is a summary of 40 years, through cities, emotions and details…they appear, perhaps whimsical, without any apparent seriou

My tecnique is not a “tecnique”. It is the summation of sensorial, hormonal, capricious circumstances which go from the use of professional cameras to cell phones. I then add different interventions (as I see fit) to transmit the most faithful feeling of the moment. I hope you feel it as well.
I have always said that “an image has sense when the observed transforms the spectator”. My desire is to transform the spectator.

It is obvious that every one of my photographs has a history (and some technical data), but at this moment that is not important for me. It is the story that you may build from each of the pictures, that is what is important.

I am grateful to my teachers an
d mentors: my daughter Valentina, my wife Marcela, my students, my friends (many of them professionals of the image), I have learned from them all.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to share these life experiences.

All photographs were taken between 1971 and June 2015. The places were:

Argentina (Buenos Aires, Tigre y Cariló.). Curazao (Willemstad). Perú (Lima, Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Pisco y Ollantaytambo). Venezuela (Caracas, Caraballeda, Isla Margarita y Barquisimeto)

They have collaborated with their patience in developing this work: Cristina Rosenberg (Isla Margarita. Venezuela), Marcela Schwartz (Caracas. Venezuela), Oriana Montilla (Lima, Perú), Orangel Hernández (Isla Margarita. Venezuela) y Ricardo Bullrich (Buenos Aires. Argentina).

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