Comrade Obama and The “che” Francisco

Was it foreseeable in twentieth century, that a communist militant trained in the “cadre schools” of the belligerent American left, would ever be president of this country?

And that a Catholic bishop and adherent to the “Theology of Liberation” would come to sit on the throne of St. Peter in Rome?

Comrade ObamaOr was it predictable that there would be a flourishing capitalist economy in Red China’s south, dominated by the Communist Party?

Or Russian President identified with the cultural values of Western and Christian heritage, even as the West has been an enemy to Russia as nation?

However, all of this has happened in the twenty first century. Because the West has abandoned its principles and values, building on old classic economic Marxism, today reinforced with terrible “cultural Marxism.”

Find out about these events, unpredictable until just a few years ago. Read this book, and share it with your family, friends and acquaintances.

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